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How to Advertise Using Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular and largest social media in the world, so it is very suitable for marketing products and services, especially for friends who have bussines owner.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a feature offered by Facebook to promote a product or service on a Facebook page that was previously created by the user with different reach and costs and can be set by the user at the time of placing the ads.

The main purpose of Facebook Ads is to help increase sales in marketing products and services. Facebook Ads will display ads on the user's Facebook home page with the right audience accuracy, so if you advertise through Facebook Ads, you have the opportunity to reach a very broad and targeted audience

In addition, through Facebook Ads, you can increase the visibility of website pages, products and services which of course provide maximum results.


The cost of using Facebook Ads is very affordable, starting from $ 1 to $ 2 per day. Very suitable for friends who have bussines owner.

Steps to Advertise on Facebook Ads

• Open Facebook

• Create a Business Facebook Page

• Select Ad Destination

• Name the Ad Campaign.

• Set Up Advertising Accounts.

• Select the Target Audience of Ads

• Select Ad Location.

• Set Advertising Fees and Schedule

• Create Ads


Using Facebook Ads is very appropriate for bussines owners in marketing their products so that the money they get is maximized.

Well, that's all the explanation and steps for advertising on Facebook Ads, I hope it's useful.

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