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6 Reasons You Must Make a Website

Many people think that the website is not important, because it wastes money and time.

So, here are some reasons why we must create a website, especially for micro business owners

Want to Reach a Broad Target Market

Tired of course if only your customers buy, of course you also want to increase sales of the products you sell and offer.

Creating a website is one way to achieve the sales target you want, besides that visitors can find out what products you sell in detail and in full.

Want to Increase Credibility

Everyone's heart is different, of course, many customers are cynical or unsure of what products we offer.

By creating a website, in addition to following trends in today's modern era, a website can also increase your credibility in selling a product, so that your product looks more professional and reliable.

Want to Add Effective Promotional Media

Newspapers and brochures are no longer effective for promoting a service and product, following the times.

In addition, the website is the most effective way for marketing experts to offer and showcase the products we sell.

Want to Improve Service to Consumers

Buddy must feel that currently many activities are carried out online, so consumers are lazy to meet face to face in transactions or ask questions.

With the website, consumers can directly connect with product providers, because on the website there are also direct chat widgets such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram and others.

Want to Analyze Customers

In addition to promoting products and services, with a website, you can also analyze customers more easily, so you don't have to open sales notes which are certainly very complicated.

Want to Run Google Ads/Fb Ads

Having a website is a mandatory requirement when you want to run Google ads or Facebook ads, because every ad that will be displayed will refer to your website address.

So, those are some of the reasons why we have to create a website, hopefully it will be useful.

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